Finding my Sparkle

Winning in a creative industry like handmade jewelry is not easy. You need to sparkle a bit differently than the crowd so that people could see you, then decide if they want you or not. It’s the same thing as trying to make a sale in Etsy. You need to find the right crowd and then (yes you need to do more than just find the right crowd) get that crowd to see the sparkle that that want to see. 

I’ve been thinking about what makes my necklaces designs unique and relevant to my buyers, what kind of sparkle am I creating. Unfortunately I haven’t figured it out yet… It’s been pretty random. I just realized that it’s also a key if we want to succeed in this competitive handmade beaded Jewelry industry. Just a tip for you, if you are also in the beginning of trying to live your dream of making jewelry (your hobby) as your stable sufficient income, then you should also think about what your style is. When it was just a hobby you can just copy others and change style everytime. 

Going back to why I started making my own jewelry, I remember making a statement something like this… That a jewelry should complete someone’s look, but that it should not take away your beauty or steal people’s attention from you. When you wear it, it should make you look beautiful and complete, but the center of attention will still be you as a person not your jewelry.

So I’ll start with that. Now my quest is to create the consistent sparkle but in many designs…. You will see some changes in my design soon. I might still be trying here and there… But I’ll try to be more consistent. So while you wait you can drop some comment or suggestions. They are always welcome. And I could always use feedbacks. 🙂


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