Pictures Say a Thousand Words

Today I learned that having a good picture quality is very important in selling your jewelry online. I like using instagram to check on the quality of my picture.

Check this picture below, which is one of my collection I made. I took this picture before I implement my learning about photographing your necklace. 
Amazonite Row Necklace with black onyx, Cupid and Feather charm

I thought it looks very nice. I already edit the picture to make it look brighter, clearer and cleaner. On instagram i got about 12 likes immediately from my 150 followers. About 10% likes… Which is average. Respond in Etsy… Very low view. 
Here’s the picture after i implement the learnings. I tried to find a different angle to highlight on the cupid and give a more dramatic view of the beautiful amazonite. 

What do you think? It’s more dramatic isn’t it? When I put this up to instagram, i gor 29 likes from my 165 followers immediately! Wow isn’t that great??! And the respond in Etsy, 4 new views for the item just within 2 hours after I posted the new picture. So next, I will need to review my SEO to further increase the traffic. 

To see the item in Etsy, it’s here… 🙂 
Amazing how a picture makes a lot of difference in how people respond to your items. 🙂 
Why don’t you guys try it too? 

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