My First Bazaar

Today is the first time I joined a bazaar and I think it went quite well. Had a lot of fun with my sister (@fnc_wellbeing) and with the visitors…. 😀 It was a mini bazaar held my Young Living (@aromaterapisehat) so aromatherapy diffuser jewelry is the theme for us. 

I didn’t have any aromatherapy diffuser jewelry in my collection, so I decided to make it with clay. It was a lot of fun making it… My son also helped and he enjoyed it too. He felt so proud of his star pendant. 

Here below are some clay necklaces before the sales day! 

Also made some black lava keychain with tassels… But i learned that necklaces and bracelets are the most suitable type of jewelry as oil diffuser. A keychain is not interesting for them… I still love them as a keychain. They look cool, I think. 

Didn’t really have any sales target for this first one. But I think my target was to understand the market better, gain back my confidence… When people tell me that my creations are cute and nice, I felt so happy. A new milestone in my path to reaching my dream… Felt wonderful! Tired but very satisfied!! 🙂 see you again in the next bazaar… 


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