Unisex Jewelry

I’ve been making unisex jewelry lately. It was not my style before, so I always tend to put some charm or just ‘something’ to make it a bit unique. But, I challenged myself… “UNISEX” is the theme. I took out the charms, keeping it simple and bold. Imagining if my husband would wear it, I also wouldn’t want him to wear something with a charm. Haha….

So I come up with these beautiful stone bracelets.

This one below is a combination of black onyx and dalmatian stone. I name this a “no stress, just have fun” bracelet. It helps you cope with stress and be in tune with the present, absorbs negative energy and releases positive energy. Dalmatian stone is the stone for animal lovers, it releases the child spirit inside of us.. So just have fun! 
This bracelet below is a combination of red garnet with black onyx and black lava. Garnet will revitalizes and renergizes you. Combined with black onyx it will protect you from negative energy (stress, anger, sadness, bad memory of the past) and radiates positive energy. 
Black lava will help you get stability during uncertain times, and keeps you strong and focussed. 
This brown bracelet below is tiger eye with triple black lava. A protection bracelet from the third eye, and helps you make the right decision. I love black lava. It looks very unique and you can also use it as aromatherapy/essential oil diffuser. 
A bit dramatic on the black lava… I used a chunky black lava with jasper stone. You may call it a statemet bracelet! 😀 

These kinds of bracelets are also what people call yoga bracelets, or reiki bracelets, or healing crystal bracelets. Well to be honest, I’m still learning about healing crystal benefits, and everyday I learn new things, new stone, new benefit. It’s surprising to me that these kinds of bracelets have a lot of demand somehow. Some people use it because of the crystal benefit. While other people just like to use it because it looks nice, a fashion stone bracelet then…

The more I learn about healing properties of crystals, the more I’m withdrawn to it…. It’s so very interesting and makes me wonder how these stones really work. I learned that it also connects with your Chakra. I’ll try to explain more about this next time. I still need to do a lot of readings about it. 🙂




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