Cleansing Crystal Stone Jewelries

The first thing that you should know when you buy crystal jewelry, is how you can cleanse it. After you purchase your crystal jewelry, you should cleanse it first before you wear it. Then you should cleanse it again every now and then so that you can have the maximum benefit of the crystals.

For those of you who are new to crystal healing, you must be wondering WHY we do that, and HOW  we do that.

You must remember that crystal comes from earth and it is alive. It remembers and absorbs and hold energy around them, and that energy can be positive or negative. Cleansing the crystals will take away the negative energy and fills them with positive energy (good vibe), so that it is ready to help you deal with the healing energy that you want them to do. Crystals that you wear will absorb the energy within and around you. So if there are negative energy around you (anger, sadness, stress, etc) the crystals will absorb and hold it, until you cleanse it.

What will happen if you don’t cleanse the crystals? Well, it can break or get lost, or just lose its healing power. So it’s important to cleanse crystal jewelry regularly, even if you don’t wear it often.

There are many methods of cleansing crystals. I will not explain all the methods, but there are many other sites which explains these methods. The easiest way, if you have no tools to cleanse it, is to bring it back to mother nature. You can use pure clean good energy from mother nature which can be in a form of sunlight, or moonlight. You can place the crystals where it is fully exposed to sunlight / moonlight for about 24 – 48 hours. Some crystals stones could fade its color when exposed to sunlight. So if you’re not sure, just use the moonlight.

I myself use a singing bowl to cleanse the crystal beads. I would put the jewelry into the singing bowl before I wear them, or before I sell/ship it. I find this method the most reliable, easy and fast way to cleanse crystals jewelries.

The music generated from the singing bowl is very powerful and creates strong vibration that will break any negative energy. It will fill any crystals close by with good vibrations. The room will also be filled with good vibration.

After I know that it’s necessary and also easy to cleanse crystal jewelry, I always do this regularly. Besides I also love the sound of the singing bowl.

Enjoy your crystals!



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