To Knot or Not To Knot

Last week I was working on a custom project. I really enjoyed making it that’s why I want to share it here with you. It was a red coral choker. Sounds simple isn’t it? But it was not that simple. Client wants to mix this with turquoise and black lava beads. And so the options were countless. Lava on the left, turquoise on the right… Or turquoise in between a red coral.. Then a gold spacer somewhere.

Just to show you, this was the original design of the red coral choker that she wanted to modify. It’s a handknotted mala inspired necklace, with jasper on one side and a black lava on the other side. An asymmetric one line design.


After I took out the beads, I started to make some options based on the brief. She wanted to have a simple yet colorful necklace. 

Finally the client chose the final arrangement, which is the bottom right corner one. 

As in the original design, I assumed that she wanted to have the same finishing with knots between the beads. Here’s the result. Very pretty… 


But unfortunately I needed to break it up again, because the client wants it without knots. No problem to me, it’s so much easier to make it without knots. It’s all a matter of taste. For me personally I like knots because it gives a space between the beads so that we look at the beads individually. But it’s important to keep my client happy with what she buys. I respect her choice, without the knots, the necklace flows smoother and looks more solid. So at the end I like both. Haha! 

How about you? Do you prefer with knots ot without knots? 🙂 


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