Random Colors of Autumn/Winter 2015

I think it’s getting cold there in Europe and America. I’m seeing so many Halloween stuff everywhere.. Yes! It’s almost Halloween!! 

I’ve got Carnelian, Cream Jasper, Brown Agate as the heart of my autumn/winter collection. Finally it’s coming out one by one in my instagram updates. If you haven’t followed my instagram, follow now and don’t miss my next exciting new collections. 😄😄😄 

The title of this article actually describes my idea of the new collections. I mix the colors randomly and arranged it in harmony (i hope you agree! :)) some of them are even assymetrical. 

I mixed brown agate with black onyx, which is inpired by the clothes that many people wear in the winter. I guess it’s the sky’s fault! Haha!!… This is a grounding selection of stones. And agate is very good for inner strength. Who else can help you except yourselves! Believe in yourself, be strong and do the things you love. Black onyx helps you to be realistic, accept the fact even if it’s not favorable. 

 Also there’s a bracelet with a mix of carnelian and agate. Colors of the fallen leaves… Orange is the color of autumn… And halloween. As you can feel from the color, carnelian is warm and bright. It’s full of passion, love and energy. I mix this happy carnelian with agate (for inner strength, protection) and rutilated brown quartz. Rutilated quartz are good to amplify your intention. Intention is your goal. So if you’re looking love this autumn/winter, or if you’re wanting to get pregnant, or if you need a boost of energy at work, this might help. 



Yet there’s still flowery colors. I chose hot pink agate, rose quartz and green aventurine. Though it’s winter, I’m sure you miss the flowers in the spring/summer.. The fresh garden.. There must be time when it’s just so boring to be wearing black brown grey the whole winter! So why not wear something bright and shocking and stand out in the crowd! It’s refreshing!! Don’t you agree?

And as the flowers begin to sleep, leaving the braches and the leafs cold and pale.. the cream jasper, brown agate and green aventurine describes it. Those mix of stones are actually giving you good fortune. Luck from the green aventurine, confidence from the brown agate, and the comforting nurturing jasper will bring you opportunity and fortune! 

So which one is your favorite? Go to my etsy shop at itslunaray.etsy.com and hurry get your autumn bracelet. Because they are limited. 🙂 


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