Hello 2016!!!

How was your Christmas and New Year holiday?…. For me it was a busy busy… Busiest time of the year! It was amazing… I never imagined that itsLunaRay could have come this far. And I couldn’t be happier! 😄

Some reflection of the best moments in 2015… January 2015 started in full uncertainty. To put it in a metaphore, I was like in a ship alone in the ocean and the ship sank. It sank in April, hence it was like a black April for me. In May, itsLunaRay was born. Yay!….. 

Indeed opportunity comes in difficult times. And courage comes when it’s needed… In June I had my first bazaar. The first time being on the opposite side of the table, as a seller. I was very demotivated, and losing hope at that time. But I learned a lot from my first bazaar. Then soon after that, i got my first sale in etsy! Hurray!!… 

And last December was my busiest time. I’m very thankful for all the support and love that you give. 

Wish 2016 will be as exciting or more than 2015!! 



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