Most Romantic Jewelry for Valentine

I love Valentine. I love romance. Yeah I was once that kind of a girl who thought Cinderella was a true story. Haha… 

Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky to have a partner during Valentine. Have faith!! If you can imagine yourself happy with a partner, then you will! But first you have to love yourself. Get yourself a nice dress, a healthy delicious meal, get enough sleep. Take care of yourself and be gentle to yourself. The loving vibe will be seen, people will see how beautiful you are. 

Rose quartz is the most well known love stone. Fortunately it’s easy to find rose quartz. Other stones with pink colors actually also share similar vibes, such as Rhodonite, pink opal, pink jasper, pink agate.

Luckily for those who’s not a pink person, green is also part of heart chakra. Hence also deals with love & heart healing energy, though not quite the same as the pink stones. Green stones are like amazonite and unakite. 

My Valentine’s collection this time is dominated by rose quartz, combined with other rhodonite and green aventurine. It’s a very pretty & soft color combination. Green aventurine is also known as the lucky stone because it opens opportunity for you. 

Inspired by roses in the garden, pink with a touch of green..


take love in your hand
love attraction bracelet

love attraction aromatherapy jewelry

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