Most Wanted Jewelry in itsLunaRay

Today i want to share a milestone in my journey with itsLunaRay jewelry. 

It has been about 1 year ago since i started  itsLunaRay. It has been a wonderful year, and I learned so much! And I still feel that there are still so much more to learn. This is just the beginning…

Over the past 1 year there are some winning pieces that people kept asking me to make. Here they are… 

First one is the Joy bracelet. A mix of happy stones, golden beryl, citrine, and sunstone. I put some black lava there as well. Quite a contrast, but it actually fits quite well.   

Second, is the lovely forest bracelet. Made of unakite, green garnet, rose quartz and black lava. These stones are selected because I made these for the pregnant ladies who want their protection bracelet to be not so pink and girly. 😄  

The third one is  a boho-shabby chic fusion. The love pink of rhodonite and a piece of peach moonstone. With a hidden black lava at the back. Gotta have one myself. Pink is a girl’s best friend, right! 😊 Rhodonite and moonstone both has feminine loving energy. Rhodonite is said to attract love. 

The fourth best selling bracelet is also made of a love stone, the rose quartz. It belongs to heart chakra, it is a stone that releases loving energy around us and also within ourselves. It teaches us to love ourselves too. It is a great stone to heal a broken heart and help you find new love. ❤️ with green aventurine,  the stone of luck, your new love might just be around the corner! 😘 

The fifth one is not a bracelet actually. It’s a lariat necklace. Made of cotton strings with a mix of stones which I picked inspired by orchids. The amethyst represent the orchid. Then I add amazonite as the leafs. And some citrine, which I imagine as drops of rain in the afternoon.  I wasn’t thinking about the meaning of the gemstones when I made this. It was made in the early days of itsLunaRay journey. I was a new apprentice in crystals and gemstones.  

Well that’s all the best 5 of mine this year. There are many other pieces that was sold but most of them are one of a kind. So I can’t really say best seller because I really made only 1. 

Thank you for reading! 😄 If you are interested to have one of the above designs, pls check my store in and see if it’s still listed. If it’s not feel free to message me directly to ask. 




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