Jewelry for Kids

Being a mom myself, I understand that not every mothers would agree to have jewelries on their little baby. I think it should all depends on the child, if she doesn’t like to wear jewelries then maybe it’s just not the time yet. 

But for those toddlers who have no problem wearing jewelries, mothers should carefully select. How should you select jewelries for kids? I have below a list of tips…

First of all, keep the design simple and has no small parts that they could unaccidentally swallow. Especially active babies they put everything into their mouth! So, i wouldn’t include things like charms that dangles and could easily fall off. But for older children, charms could be very fun to add. 

Bright colors! Let kids be kids… And have their jewelries as colorful as their life. As you know colors have meanings too, just as chakra. You can learn more about chakra in my previous post. 

Choose nothing fragile, so no glass beads! Do some analysis on which stones would be suitable for your child. There are stones which are recommended for children. Amber is one of the most favorite one for baby and kids. They are very commonly used as teething jewelry. Safe for your baby to bite, but they are also very good for health, brings energy (warm & happy feeling). Jasper is also very beneficial for kids, for increasing their self confidence. Rose quartz is believed to increase the bonding between mother and baby. 

Babies skin are very sensitive, so be careful when selecting the material. Nickel free metal could be safe for most people (prevent allergies/ irritation) but your baby could still be allergic to it. So choose plastic screw clasps if needs to have a closure. Actually for babies especially it’s better to have the handknotted style since it is stronger this way (pull resistant!). For older children you can have elastic bracelet as option.

Well those are the key things to consider when choosing jewelry for babies and kids. There must be a lot more but I like to keep it simple. Just follow your mother instinct, consult with the seller, and I hope you found the jewelry for your babies. 😘


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