Why essential oil?

Essential oils are oils that are coming from plants and flowers, it should be 100% natural and pure. It’s a very lengthy process to make essential oils, which is why essential oils are so expensive. But many of the essential oils that you found in the market is not really natural and pure but yet the packaging says that it’s aromatherapy essential oils. Be a smart shopper and always read the composition before you buy things. If the label says “fragrance oil”, or “perfume”, then you know it’s not natural essential oils.

Natural essential oils would have therapeutic benefit to our health. And I don’t know how those fragrance aromatherapy products claims that the fragrance can give you healings benefit just as a natural essential oil. But when you use it you will know the difference. That’s why a lot of people are sceptical about essential oils, of course…they have been using fragrance oils instead of natural essential oils, which has no therapeutic benefit at all.

So what is fragrance oils? People created fragrance oils from chemical components so that it smells like the real thing, these are also called synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances makes fragrance no longer a luxury that only royal families can enjoy, because they are cheap and easy to produce at the same quality. Nowadays we have synthetic fragrance in all of our products, starting from detergent to soaps.

Natural awareness is increasing and essential oils are getting preference again over fragrance oils. Well, at least for those people who have the knowledge and the money to buy. So if you have the money and the option…. I’d recommend to choose natural.

So why choose the expensive natural essential oil if we already have the affordable fragrance oil? Well, perhaps not everybody know but there’s an association that monitors the chemical safety of fragrance. Safety? Why safety? Fragrance is harmless right??  Well not really… because some chemical components of the fragrance could be harmful to us (carcinogenic, allergens, etc). While producers have other things in mind (profit, margin, etc) their products are developed to give them the highest profit. Because fragrance oils are the cheapest option.

Okay you may say, well a lot of people are using mass products and they are fine, so what? Well if you are smart, look at the ingredients in the mass products that you buy. Other than fragrance actually there are ingredients that is used to make the wonderful claims the put on the front pack, and the amount of it is so little that actually doesn’t give the result you’d hope for. So for example when the product claims “with argan oil to give you smooth skin”, the content of argan oil in the product is actually too little to be able to give you the result of a smooth skin it should.

Using natural essential oils opens up a whole new world for me. I was very sceptical about how essential oils can be therapeutic, but one must experience to believe I guess. And once you tried the real essential oil, you will see how it will change your life gradually. You’ll start to read on the ingredients before buying anything. You try to replace as much as possible with essential oil products. And then you’ll realized that suddenly you become the #oilymama and the #oiladdict kind of person.

Be a smart shopper, a smart mom, a smart buyer. We worked hard for our pennies and we want to make sure we spend it right. Do you agree? So do your research. Understand what is it that you buy and compare. There are so many essential oils in the market, and a lot of good ones too. Just make sure it’s natural, pure, and if possible organic. Expensive doesn’t always mean the best for you.

Savvy? 😄


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