Most Romantic Jewelry for Valentine

I love Valentine. I love romance. Yeah I was once that kind of a girl who thought Cinderella was a true story. Haha...  Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky to have a partner during Valentine. Have faith!! If you can imagine yourself happy with a partner, then you will! But first you have to love … Continue reading Most Romantic Jewelry for Valentine


Amazonite for New Year 2016

I love the color of Amazonite. At first the Amazonite that I know is a multicolored one, it's a gentle blue green sometimes a bit yellow, brown and black. But actually a better quality of Amazonite is a brighter happier sky blue color, the price is much higher though.. But I love the colorful Amazonite, … Continue reading Amazonite for New Year 2016

Hello 2016!!!

How was your Christmas and New Year holiday?.... For me it was a busy busy... Busiest time of the year! It was amazing... I never imagined that itsLunaRay could have come this far. And I couldn't be happier! 😄 Some reflection of the best moments in 2015... January 2015 started in full uncertainty. To put … Continue reading Hello 2016!!!

Random Colors of Autumn/Winter 2015

I think it's getting cold there in Europe and America. I'm seeing so many Halloween stuff everywhere.. Yes! It's almost Halloween!!  I've got Carnelian, Cream Jasper, Brown Agate as the heart of my autumn/winter collection. Finally it's coming out one by one in my instagram updates. If you haven't followed my instagram, follow now and … Continue reading Random Colors of Autumn/Winter 2015

To Knot or Not To Knot

Last week I was working on a custom project. I really enjoyed making it that's why I want to share it here with you. It was a red coral choker. Sounds simple isn't it? But it was not that simple. Client wants to mix this with turquoise and black lava beads. And so the options … Continue reading To Knot or Not To Knot

Cleansing Crystal Stone Jewelries

The first thing that you should know when you buy crystal jewelry, is how you can cleanse it. After you purchase your crystal jewelry, you should cleanse it first before you wear it. Then you should cleanse it again every now and then so that you can have the maximum benefit of the crystals. For … Continue reading Cleansing Crystal Stone Jewelries

In Love with Crystal Healing

When I started to learn beading about 8 or 9 years ago, i didn't really pay attention to the crystals or the beads I was using. I was focussing on the color, the model and not so much about the healing properties. And I absolutely didn't aware that the crystals have healing powers whatsoever. Well, … Continue reading In Love with Crystal Healing